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Yilgarnia Wines Latest News Latest News

We hope you find our news interesting and useful. We should mention that our business is not just about wine and wildflowers we also run a commercial farm with sheep and cattle. Consequently our family business is continually busy 12 months of the year.

We enjoy letting our visitors know what’s happening within the whole of our business and we hope you enjoy reading what Yilgarnia Wines gets up to.


Yilgarnia Sparkling Wines; Remembrance & Sparkling Shiraz

Saturday, 11 June 2005

2005 - Our sparkling wines are made in the traditional 'methode champenoise' style. Hand picked and left on the lees* for 18 months at the winery of winemaker James Kellie of Harewood Estate. We have built a riddling table at the vineyard and do the actual final disgorging, corking, capping and labelling ourselves. In fact we handle each bottle about 12 times. The final result is a fruity, zesty sparkling wine well suited to our warm climate served well chilled.

Remembrance; so named in recognition of the ANZACs. The tradition started in Albany with the blessing of the fleet prior to departure to the Middle East in November 1914. This sparkling wine is made from our 05 Gold Medal winning Chardonnay and the 04 Cabernet Sauvignon. Fruity, crisp and full of flavour.

Sparkling Shiraz is non vintage. A combination of three vintages, are blended to produce a rich bubbly red. We enjoyed it with the Christmas Plum Pudding.

* Lees: the detritus of fermentation, consisting of dead yeast and fruit debris.


Wednesday, 16 July 2003

Our 2003 vintage was bigger than the previous year, with no fruit sold and yields of 1.5 tonne per acre. The growing season was unusual but a good year for our fruit. The extreme heat in January was followed by unseasonal rains in February and early March. Heavy rain in April threatened which resulted in harvesting a couple of weeks earlier for most varieties. All our fruit was in good condition, disease free with great flavours thanks to the careful attention given to vines by our in house viticulturist son Anthony [Ant].

The 2003 UW Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc have very fruity flavours and will compliment most foods well, particularly through our warmer summer days down South and in the tropical temperatures in the North. The recent releases of our 2003 reds [Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz] have been in strong demand. Like the previous vintages all reds bear fruity characters with deep crimson colours and full rich flavours.

We personally market our wine all over Western Australia and once this vintage is finished we will be on the road again to catch up with our many regional outlets.

Gift Packs. We have produced a Gift Pack combining our wildflowers and a bottle of Yilgarnia Wine. Would make a great gift, and is suitable for Tourist Outlets or a Gift Shop as well as a Bottle Shop product. After dinking the wine there is a lovely bouquet of Yilgarnia grown Australian flowers mounted on a hanging board.

Cattle & Sheep

Saturday, 31 May 2003

2003 - We don't hold out much hope of wool prices improving; consequently have moved from breeding Merinos for wool to a dual-purpose animal that produces both wool and a fat lamb. So Dohne rams from Alex and Lyn Leech from Katanning are now doing the job. Just as well we have an energetic sheep dog "Shep" Actually I am sure he is the main reason we still have sheep!!

Having had such a brilliant growing season for the last year with rain from March to December [the right time of the year] all the cattle are in prime condition and the baby beef are ready for market.


Wednesday, 16 April 2003

2003 - The wild flower season has been excellent, with a longer than normal growing season, producing great blooms. With strong demand from overseas and the local market [Albany Farmers Market] all of us were kept very busy, including Pauline Longwood who works with us all year and Beryl Nairn who assists us during the exceptionally busy spring months.

We have been successfully selling bunches of our native flowers for the last 2 years at the local Farmers Market. The interest is amazing considering that the majority of flowers bought at florists are exotics. The domestic market for Australian Flora is very minimal.


Friday, 15 November 2002

November 15, 2002 almost saw the end of our 40 year old farmhouse and sheds. A devastating bush fire swept by 80 km / hr winds roared through the Redmond State Forest from a CALM reduction burn 25 km away.

Although no lives were lost, it has taken 12 months to replace the main shed with its collection of 40 years of tools and equipment, plus our newly baled hay and 6km or so of fences and other structures. The house was damaged and now sports a new roof, patio, repainted with a newly planted garden. Yes some good things do grow from bad. And you can save a house from fire if you do choose to stay and fight it.

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