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The Farm - Soils

The soils in the agricultural areas of Western Australia are naturally low in nutrient status.
This is certainly the case on our property and especially applies to phosphorus and many trace elements.
The pH levels are also low. On the slopes the pH level is around pH 4.5, and on the flats lower around pH 4.0. Considerable impute of fertilizer is required. Over 7 tonne per hectare of lime has now been applied to the vineyard. The pic soilsbulk of the balance of the fertilizer is applied through a trickle irrigation system.
This technique of fertilizing is called Fertigation.

The low nutrient status of our soils is considered an advantage, as we don't have excessive vine vigour. We therefore maintain a good balance between our foliage and our fruit. The result is high quality fruit and which in turn produces our Premium Yilgarnia Wines.

Drainage is the final consideration in relation to our soils. The drainage on all our soils is excellent, despite our 900mm rainfall. The flats are slow to drain, but they do have a natural slope to creek lines, which in turn drain to the Hay River.

Australian Flowers do require soils of low nutrient status. Low levels of phosphorus are essential. Normal pasture or vineyard levels of phosphorus would be toxic to our native Australian plants. Flower production does require regular levels of potassium, nitrogen and all trace elements, with lower amounts of phosphorus. These mixes of fertilizers are applied through the trickle system once again. So the south slopes with their deep sandy soils are the prime location for our Australian Plants.


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