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The Farm - Growing Attributes for Viticulture

The influence of the Southern Ocean on our climate is significant.pic growing

During summer the high-pressure ridge (or sub-tropic ridge as it is known) is well south of Albany.
This system produces winds from the southwest and southeast. They are onshore winds, which blow all summer, have a significant cooling effect on the land. Apart from lowering temperature, it also produces high humidities. This coastal environment then produces dry warm offshore breezes each late evening and morning. These two factors combine to give our grapes the best of both worlds

High relative humidity reduce the stress on vines, and allow the stomata (leaf pores) to remain open to absorb carbon dioxide, essential for photosynthesis and sugar production. In turn this determines grape yield, quality and ripening.

Sugar in excess of tissue requirements is required for satisfactory ripening. This is why our fruit for our wines develops such good colour, flavour and aromas.

Our Australian Flowers are sought after by exporters for their size and colour for the same reasons.

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