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The Farm - Climate

The climate is typical Mediterranean with a dry summer, similar to southern Europe, southern California and Cape Province South Africa.

The temperatures in this area are determined by the coastal influence. Our average maximum in summer [Jan ] is 26°C or 79°F and winter [July] average maximumis 16°C or 61°F.pic climate

Total annual rainfall for Yilgarnia is 900mm, of which 75% to 80% falls in the growing season from April to November. The remaining months would average about 25mm per month.

In the winter the sub-tropical ridge moves towards the equator. Where the sub-tropical ridge meets the sub-polar low-pressure systems, frontal activity results in our winter rainfall. Moderate falls occur in late autumn and spring from this frontal activity.

Rainfall also results from the onshore winds, occurring mainly in late summer and early autumn.

The area has a very mild winter and is frost-free. Vine damage resulting from climatic conditions is extremely rare.


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