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Vintage Report

Vintage Report 2013

Our 2013 vintage began in late March, which is about our average time for harvesting the first of our white varieties. The season cut off with the threat of rain and reds were picked approximately 10 days early.

The winter rainfall was average but mild. Good rains continued into December. The early summer temperatures were warm, but late March condition became overcast humid and cooler. Birds then became active and hungry. The Red Gum flowering was later and it became necessary to net the entire vineyard to protect the fruit. Early humid conditions made managing the vineyard a little more difficult for the Reds. However, the earlier dry summer coupled with good management programs favoured the Whites, resulting in clean, ripe and well balanced fruit. The red fruits cropped at an average of 4.0 tonne per hectare and whites at an average of 4.5 tonne per hectare.


Bottling in Yilgarnia Winery 2013

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