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Director's Profiles


The Buxton Family 31/12/2013

Peter Buxton

pic peter

In 1963 Melbournian Scotch boy Peter Buxton, armed with a Diploma from Longrenong Agricultural College settled on a Conditional Purchase bush-block of 405 acres on the South Coast of Western Australia.

Over time Peter acquired several more CP blocks to develop a viable farming operation. Initially the family enterprise comprised of sheep and cattle and through the challenging early years Peter commenced a ten-year career with the Department of Agriculture in Albany.

During this time Peter surveyed several of the early vineyards in Western Australia and soon recognised the potential for the development of a winery on the family's property.

The family’s interest in native flora and the recognition of the horticultural potential in the region led to the establishment of the wildflower enterprise for the export market.

The success of the wildflowers during the 1980’s and 1990’s enabled the fulfilment of Peter’s dream to plant and develop a vineyard.

Today the family grow many wildflower varieties for the export wildflower markets, and have planted 13.25 hectares of vines with five varieties including: sauvignon blanc, semillon, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and shiraz.

Peg Buxton

pic peg

Peg Buxton, an energetic and enthusiastic schoolteacher met and married Peter soon after his arrival in Western Australia.

With the arrival of Sally, Anthony and Holly over the following six years Peg was confined to raising their young family and assisting with the isolated sheep and cattle farm and wildflowers operations before continuing her teaching career

As a Director of Yilgarnia Wines and Wildflowers, Peg is "hands on" with all operations and marketing both the wine and wildflower units of the family business.

Today, Sally along with partner Michael and their young son and daughter live locally and are busy running their own business. With her expertise in both marketing and business, Sally is often called upon to assist with the professional and administrative side of the Yilgarnia business.

Holly, the youngest in the family lives in Melbourne with her husband, Sam and their two small boys. Holly has her own importing business in the fashion industry, frequently travelling overseas.

Anthony Buxton

pic ant

Anthony is Yilgarnia's chief viticulturist, some would say a born farmer. Anthony, a trained carpenter, has been involved in all of the early planning and cultivation of the vineyards. Today he is responsible for all the management and seasonal work activities. He also established the 5 acres of cultivated native flowers, ensuring quality for the export market.

Now that Yilgarnia has its own wine making facilities, Anthony is busily involved with all the operations of wine making. Anthony and Peter work closely with wine making consultant Michael Staniford producing Yilgarnia’s quality estate grown and made wines.

In his spare time Anthony enjoys the occasional game of golf, and regularly surfs along the spectacular coastline of South Western Australia.


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